Provider Guidance & Application

Candidates can now apply to the Primary Care Practitioner Loan Redemption Program of New Jersey (NJLRP) on-line. Provider applications are accepted on an on-going basis and there is no deadline. Interested candidates in the last year of graduate professional training or residency are encouraged to submit a provider application to the NJLRP no more than six months prior to completing their program.

It is recommended that interested applicants read through the Program & Provider Application Guidance and the Provider Application prior to completing the application. These documents explain the program requirements and criteria. Interested providers should click the below links to apply to the NJLRP:

Program & Provider Application Guidance

Provider Application
* Please Note: Adobe Reader required to fill-out application.

A completed provider application consists of an application completed in its entirety and submitted to the NJLRP along with the required supporting documents. The provider application and required supporting documents can either be sent via email or regular postal mail to the NJLRP. The NJLRP does not accept facsimiles.

Upon submission the provider application will be reviewed. Qualified candidates will be contacted for a provider interview with NJLRP staff. Candidates who are ineligible upon review of provider application will be notified via correspondence, where the reason will be specified.

Requests for technical assistance should be directed to the NJLRP office.